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Yoel Paciuk (kingalso)

Yoel Paciuk (kingalso)

Ex Engineer, Ex Teacher, Ex Carpenter, Artist and Illustrator, Based in Tel Aviv


Born in Uruguay in 1968, raised in Israel and the USA.
Graduated from the Technion Institute, Israel in 1991 with honors and hold a BSC in Electrical Engineering. Until 2010 I worked as an Engineer, Teacher and Carpenter


2006 - “The Kind Tree”, Gan Shmuel Gallery, Israel

2010 - “Bread and Roses”, Minshar Art School, Tel Aviv, Israel

2011 - “Artists for babies”, Taby Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 - “Shapira Paintings”, Red House Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 - International Art Resilience Exhibition, Saint-Frajou Art Museum, France
2019 - Ha'eder - Central Gallery, Tel Aviv

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