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Francine Lapointe (lapointe_francine)

Francine Lapointe (lapointe_francine)

Photography is my main medium actually.
Photos's effects are made from camera...
I only work on light and contrast after, with lightroom and complete with Photoshop.
Experimentation never ends.


Born In 1953 in Verdub, Canada.
Interests for literature, photography, painting,piano,african percussions.


First group exhibition in Gallery Gora in Montreal,Quebec,Canada: february 9th 2010 to february 26th 2010

  • Bernhard Winkler (bernhard)
  • Jean-Francois  Dupuis (jfdupuis)
  • Michael B. (MitchvanBraun)
  • MJ Alhabeeb (alhabeeb)
  • Stefan Fransson (StefanFransson)
  • Lee Campbell (Lee_Campbell)
  • Roland van der Vogel (vandervogel)
  • florian breetzke (florianbreetzke)
  • Markus Redert (markusredert)
  • nils eichberg (nilseichberg)
  • Christiane Mader (christiane-mader)
  • Peter Bies (peterbies)
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Francine Lapointe (lapointe_francine)

Francine Lapointe wrote on November 10, 2010 00:06:

I am here right now

Danny Hennesy (MushroomBrain)

Danny Hennesy wrote on March 30, 2010 19:28:

Danke Schön!!!