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Out of the green

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A ladder, will we reach the top?Or fall down?
Toilet paper illustrates the way we often live our lives-on the outside, scratching the surface.

top Lifelines

We dream our lives in big gestures, but we live our lives in small moments. From we open our eyes in the morning to our last conscious thoughts at night, our lives are spent in tasks that absorb our attention and keeps us from considering the major issues that lies at the core of our lives: Why are we here? What is love? Does God exist? What is the meaning of life? What comes after death? These are questions that make us human and bind us together. The world has many ways to go and life lines, and it is not our job to judge these lines. According to Kierkegaard, man is a synthesis, a dialectical relationship between the conflicting sides, referred to both everyday life and eternity, stretched out between necessity and possibility. Every living human being must also under the same conditions relate to themselves - as deadly and eternal, as necessity and possibility. The lines in my painting are meant to draw the spectator into this dialectical relationship between the conflicting sides.

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