top center window (detail-2)

This installation was produced in late july of this year and ran until the end of august at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, in Kelowna BC.

(the left and center windows were created by jorden and david doody and the right window was created by kyle zsombor)

Orrinthaller ( & the apnea of speech)

Orrinthaller is a conceptual installation initiated by the collaborative work of three artists. Through their open processes of art making; Kyle Zsombor, Jorden & David Doody allow happenstance to regurgitate cultural intuition in an act of artistic survival.

Kyle ,Jorden & David are all recent graduates from the UBC-O Fine Arts Department. Although each artist offers a uniquely individual approach to the discourse of visual arts, they share a common focus on the materialism of cultural codification. Their combined individual practices have been heavily influenced by world travel and the cross pollination of mass media, ritual and fetishistic cultures.


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top Bügeleisen 12

Hohelied Salomon

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