top Charting Change
top Choices

sand, metals, pigments and paper towels in polymer on canvas

top viel hatten sie sich nicht zu sagen

they haven't had a lot to say

collage: acryl and paper on canvas

top Achtung! Eisprung!

collage: paper, chalk, acryl on canvas

top here it goes

approx. 10" x 10" acrylic painting on 18" x 24" watercolor paper

top The End Is Nigh

THE END IS NIGH!!! REPENT!!!! REPENT!!!!.......The characters were made with paint markers and the background is a digital photograph....Merrill Kazanjian

top Aviator Lamp Shade

This is hanging lamp made of 28 pairs of sunglasses.

top the Boo
top Redbull verleiht Flügel oder die Macht des Unterbewußtseins

"Redbull gives you wings, or the power of the subconscious"

value & transformation