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Peter Bies (peterbies)

Peter Bies (peterbies)


I have always dabbled a little a-here and a-there
in painting and poetry, prose and photography.

Check out my blog at


My latest show was in 2005,
Therapeutische Gemeinschaft Jenfeld.
My counselor wasn't too thrilled.


Art must not be concentrated in dead shrines called museums. lt must be spread everywhere – on the streets, in the trams, factories, workshops, and in the workers' homes.

– Vladimir Mayakovsky


Oh yes.
Couple of poems.
Or was it?
Frightfully long ago, at any rate.

  • andré schmucki  (andreschmucki)
  • Corinna Hein (cohai)
  • Michel Walgraeve (michelwalgraeve)
  • Josef Winkler (atelier-winkler)
  • peter backens (pietens)
  • rafal karcz (karczraf)
  • Ava Smitmans (ava)
  • jaya suberg (jayasu)
  • frank nähr (ambientroom)
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Stefan Fransson (StefanFransson)

Stefan Fransson wrote on September 01, 2014 20:21:

Thank you!

Joerg Meister (joergmeister)

Joerg Meister wrote on July 07, 2014 15:14:

Hi Peter, vielen Dank für fav und comment!! Freut mich! Beste Grüße

H H Weiti (Weiti)

H H Weiti wrote on September 11, 2013 17:24:

Vielen Dank !

Dennis James Laux (DennisJames)

Dennis James Laux wrote on January 20, 2013 04:42:

Hello Peter,
You state,"I have always dabbled a little a-here and a-there."
I've never read such an understatement. Your images are
intriguing and stimulating. I view your prose and poetry as significant
standing on their own merit. Dabble. Indeed!
Dennis James

Dennis James Laux (DennisJames)

Dennis James Laux wrote on January 20, 2013 04:09:

Hello Peter,
I stand honored and humble regarding your interest in my work.
Many thanks.

angela rohde (angelarohde)

angela rohde wrote on December 23, 2012 17:16:

lieber peter, vielen dank für deine favorisierung, ich wünsch DIR was schönes!

Barbara Leven (bleven)

Barbara Leven wrote on December 16, 2012 13:51:

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the favorite!

Marilyn Kirsch (artist183)

Marilyn Kirsch wrote on September 06, 2012 00:56:

Thanks Peter, for the favorite and the comment. The poem by Tochihuitzin Coyolchiuhqui is beautiful. I didn't know anything about him but I did a quick Google search and now I'm intrigued to know more.

Andreas Hahn (DeHahn)

Andreas Hahn wrote on September 05, 2012 06:33:

Danke, Peter, für Favorit und Kommentar! Ich hab sogar in Hohenhorst und Jenfeld gewohnt!

Petra Senn (sennsight)

Petra Senn wrote on March 05, 2012 07:40:

Und nochmal: Danke Peter !

Petra Senn (sennsight)

Petra Senn wrote on February 15, 2012 06:00:

Danke Peter!

angela rohde (angelarohde)

angela rohde wrote on January 12, 2012 19:36:

"glutäugige zigeunerin" ist ein guter tipp. ich hatte auch schon an ein "weinendes bambi" gedacht ;-)

G Recht  (GRecht)

G Recht wrote on October 11, 2011 00:33:

SODOM & GOMORRHA! - Hier werden Besuche des Bananenkönigs annonciert, das hintenrum Einsteigen als probate Lösung propagiert und über TBG statt TBC philosophiert...

Schwer RSchüttert:


PS.: Und warum steigt jemand ausgerechnet bei der Polizei hintenrum ein....hmmm... um den Bananenkönig zu BFreien???

Pat Benkendorff (patbenkendorff)

Pat Benkendorff wrote on January 24, 2011 07:51:

Hi Peter
Thanks for selecting my work for your favorites.

roksana kularska-król (roxiparadoxi)

roksana kularska-król wrote on January 06, 2011 14:03:

thanks for your favorites :)

peter backens (pietens)

peter backens wrote on December 31, 2010 14:52:

Hallo Peter,
das alte Autohaus neben der Polizei wird wohl demnächt abgerissen,bin hintenrum
Dir für 2011 alles gute!
Lieben Gruß Peter

Luca Piccini (lucapiccini)

Luca Piccini wrote on May 23, 2010 22:59:

many tanks for your comments on PKD!

- Sheila (Sheila)

- Sheila wrote on May 18, 2010 17:31:

lol ...

Christiane Mader (christiane-mader)

Christiane Mader wrote on May 17, 2010 17:09:

Danke Peter :)

Jessine Hein (Jessine)

Jessine Hein wrote on May 01, 2010 20:56:

total tolle sachen!!!
liebste grüße

Josef Jakobi (Josef)

Josef Jakobi wrote on March 31, 2010 10:38:

Das war meine eeehrlische Meinung:-)

Luca Piccini (lucapiccini)

Luca Piccini wrote on February 26, 2010 09:51:

Thanks for preference!

Johannes Groht (Joe)

Johannes Groht wrote on February 23, 2010 09:03:

YES! Mysteries of love ... and these!!!:

This Mortal Coil - 'Til I Gain Control Again

This Mortal Coil - My Father.

This Mortal Coil - The Jeweller

Pablo Pirnay-Dummer (schattenreigen)

Pablo Pirnay-Dummer wrote on February 16, 2010 10:32:

Hello Peter,

Thanks once more! Keeps me up, running and inspired.


Francine Lapointe (lapointe_francine)

Francine Lapointe wrote on January 25, 2010 06:35:

Hi Peter,
Thanks for adding my picture to your favourites..
Have a great day!

- Sheila (Sheila)

- Sheila wrote on January 06, 2010 12:54:

Thanx Peter and best (belated) wishes for MMX !

Pablo Pirnay-Dummer (schattenreigen)

Pablo Pirnay-Dummer wrote on January 05, 2010 09:08:

Hi Peter,

tausend Dank für's "Adden". Das gab gerade ziemlich Rückenwind!

Liebe Grüße aus Freiburg,

Johannes Groht (Joe)

Johannes Groht wrote on January 04, 2010 09:43:

Thank you, Peter, for your favs, comments and inspiring blogs! I wish you a happy new year!

Adson Sibonik (siboafroart)

Adson Sibonik wrote on December 28, 2009 16:42:

hi thank for the wishes of new year,happy new year

patrick  jennings (painterpat)

patrick jennings wrote on December 12, 2009 15:41:

Thanks Peter

patrick  jennings (painterpat)

patrick jennings wrote on December 05, 2009 14:18:

Thanks Peter for the comments and favorites ...Patrick

Danny Hennesy (MushroomBrain)

Danny Hennesy wrote on December 02, 2009 18:31:

Today I got a tip on a good band on another online art community....

I find them(him) really intresting varied and good...

here is tha link to the wikipedia page...

you will be able to find some music on youtube...

really experimental...

Johannes Groht (Joe)

Johannes Groht wrote on November 16, 2009 15:44:

hi peter, war endlich mal shoppen bei dir und wollte noch einen extragroßen favoriten für das erste bild des aktuellen blogs "One Fine Day" abgeben!

Nadja Haefeli (nadlin)

Nadja Haefeli wrote on November 02, 2009 18:56:

die beste onlinekünstlercommunity der ich bis jetzt begegnet bin. kein schnick schnak- meine Augen können sich schön entspannen beim Bildbetrachten. THANK YOU

- Sheila (Sheila)

- Sheila wrote on October 29, 2009 22:09:

verspäteten Dank, hat mich gefreut.

María Cristina Faleroni (cristinafaleroni)

María Cristina Faleroni wrote on October 28, 2009 11:27:

Dear Peter, no hablo ingles ni lo comprendo, no sé si estás dejandome un mensaje.

Johannes Groht (Joe)

Johannes Groht wrote on October 26, 2009 14:32:

Sternchen für Peter - thank you for the fav!

Johannes Groht (Joe)

Johannes Groht wrote on October 12, 2009 23:40:

Hi Peter, "young rowans, accumulator tanks, insulated pipes" - thank you for this picture, someone finally had to make it! I wanted to, but never did ...

Bernhard Winkler (bernhard)

Bernhard Winkler wrote on October 10, 2009 17:40:

Danke, Peter. Freue mich, das dir das Bild gefällt!

Rikva Waas (Red)

Rikva Waas wrote on September 28, 2009 19:57:

You were right and I uploaded another one hope this one is better.....

Jessine Hein (Jessine)

Jessine Hein wrote on September 20, 2009 17:37:

Gernöö ;D

Luis do Rego Silva (LuisdoRegoSilva)

Luis do Rego Silva wrote on September 09, 2009 21:43:

hallo, peter.
das foto ist online!

lg & danke


patrick  jennings (painterpat)

patrick jennings wrote on August 26, 2009 22:13:

Hello Peter,
Thanks for including me among your favorites,
Best wishes,

Christian Kraatz (Iso)

Christian Kraatz wrote on August 26, 2009 16:17:

Hi Peter,

thanks for adding my photographs. I really appreciate that.
Underneath you`ll find a comment to a comment you wrote
to the image "fighting for right 2/2"

Best Regards


Dear Peter,

do you really think so? Is n`t this man our neighbour and friend?
Or the guy who helps us out of trouble?

In this diptych I just show two ways of fighting for right.
The one who protects property and stands for law and order.
And the one who fights for his conviction.
That`s the duality of democracy, of life it self.
But no one achieved least they tried it but just caused pain.
Everybody must stick together. We can`t win fighting each other,
but we´ll lose everything like our voice and credibility.


Pablo Pirnay-Dummer (schattenreigen)

Pablo Pirnay-Dummer wrote on August 21, 2009 13:16:

De nada. Wonderful work!

Danny Hennesy (MushroomBrain)

Danny Hennesy wrote on August 12, 2009 09:15:

Thanx for the Favourites...

I have to tell you a funny thing, when I went to your page to look wich artwork you added as Favourites I found that before me you added some of the Art of a Guy named Olle Gudbrand...

and the funny thing is that I know him from the time when I used to live in Sweden, ha even lived in the same quaters as me...

really funny!

Todd Mosley (toddmosley)

Todd Mosley wrote on August 05, 2009 19:27:

I'm glad that you can appreciate my struggles with consumerism! Thanks for adding me to your favorites!

Gerald Lopez (gjlopez)

Gerald Lopez wrote on July 12, 2009 23:09:

Thanks for adding my artwork to your favorites, Peter.

María Cristina Faleroni (cristinafaleroni)

María Cristina Faleroni wrote on July 10, 2009 16:12:

¡¡Gracias por elegirme como amiga!!, y por los conceptos volcados sobre "Bailarines". Profundamente agradecida.

María Cristina Faleroni (cristinafaleroni)

María Cristina Faleroni wrote on July 09, 2009 00:21:

Muchas gracias Peter por tu preferencia, no sé cómo debo hacer para elegir las obras que me gustan. Ya lo aprenderé más adelante Un gran abrazo, María Cristina Faleroni.

Malte Znaniecki (moltomutante)

Malte Znaniecki wrote on July 06, 2009 18:43:

Thank you many times Peter,
so very much to my appreciation

yi-hsin tzeng (yi-hsintzeng)

yi-hsin tzeng wrote on July 04, 2009 03:13:

Thanks for adding my artwork.
Welcome to my solo show in Atlanta....

peer boehm (peerboehm)

peer boehm wrote on June 28, 2009 01:21:

thanks to the most beloved peterbiest of artdoxa for the favourite

Danny  Hennesy (DannyHennesy)

Danny Hennesy wrote on April 01, 2009 13:17:

Yes isn´t it! he he he!
well I guess in a way it is actually romantic... for real...!

Zachi  Cohen (cohzachi)

Zachi Cohen wrote on March 28, 2009 00:14:

Thank you for finding my art interesting.

All the best,


Marla Lombard (MarlaLombard)

Marla Lombard wrote on February 25, 2009 20:09:

Thanks for shopping!

Todd Mosley (toddmosley)

Todd Mosley wrote on February 25, 2009 17:06:

And the debate continues... Thanks for appreciating my work!

David Corcoran (dvdcorcoran)

David Corcoran wrote on February 23, 2009 23:04:

Peter, Thanks for favs!

Marla Lombard (MarlaLombard)

Marla Lombard wrote on February 22, 2009 08:57:

Peter! Your short comment on my aerial landscape painting (home page 2/22) has made me very happy. Succinct and says it all. Thanks!!

Christopher Rodrigues (abstractruth)

Christopher Rodrigues wrote on February 20, 2009 00:25:

Thank you for your interest in my work. I have added my newest images from this project exploring contemporary landscape. These newest images have been printed and will be shown for the first time at SCOPE Art Fair in New York. I am being represented by RARE Gallery.
Warmest Regards,
Christopher Rodrigues

tony south (billycasper)

tony south wrote on January 25, 2009 13:57:

Thanks Peter, keep feeding your head...... beatnik chav .?

tony south (billycasper)

tony south wrote on January 16, 2009 20:28:

Hi Peter, thanks for the fav thingy.

Jasmine Ronel (Jasmine)

Jasmine Ronel wrote on January 15, 2009 08:27:


Maria Gust (mariagust)

Maria Gust wrote on January 13, 2009 13:52:

Pardon! Hallo Peter, nicht hallo Hein! Sorry!

Maria Gust (mariagust)

Maria Gust wrote on January 13, 2009 13:51:

Hallo Hein! Habe gesehen, daß du was von mir auf deiner Favoritenliste hast. Freut mich, daß dir meine Arbeiten gefallen, danke!

Aviva Beigel (beigel)

Aviva Beigel wrote on December 29, 2008 19:39:

"peace of mind", oh yes!!!

Merrill Kazanjian (kazanjianm)

Merrill Kazanjian wrote on December 27, 2008 19:53:

Happy New Year Peter! Thank you for all of the feedback and great diologue this year!


Zachi  Cohen (cohzachi)

Zachi Cohen wrote on December 17, 2008 14:21:

Hi Peter

Thank You, :)

All the best

keep on searching...


Henrique Neiva  (HenriqueNeiva)

Henrique Neiva wrote on December 11, 2008 12:22:

Dear Friend Peter Bies ,
Grace , Peace and Creativity!
Thank you very much for your contact.
Thanks for visiting me
Thank you so much for your comments about my art
Thank you for your generosity.
All the best wishes
Warm regards

Keep in touch and best regards
Henrique Neiva - from Brasil

Zachi  Cohen (cohzachi)

Zachi Cohen wrote on November 24, 2008 15:17:

Thank You :)

Jochen Hein (Jochen_Hein)

Jochen Hein wrote on November 19, 2008 16:52:

Wort zum grauesten Mittwoch:
"Im Grunde sind es immer die Verbindungen mit Menschen, die dem Leben seinen Wert geben." – Wilhelm vom Humboldt

G Recht  (GRecht)

G Recht wrote on November 18, 2008 22:12:

Hier ein Termin für die Liebhaber von Poetry Slams:

Veddel Poetry Slam Workshop

Für Newcomer und erfahrene Poeten der Elbinsel und aus Hamburg.

veddellive und Kampf-der-Künste bieten Workshop mit Poetry Slam:

Ein einzelner Mensch auf der Bühne, ein Mikro, ein Text ? mehr ist es nicht. Und doch braucht die Kunst des Poetry-Slam Zeit und Übung. In dem fünfteiligen Workshop werden Ideen für Texte entwickelt und eigene Texte besprochen. Wie präsentiere ich gut vor Publikum, was ist meine Grundidee, kommt das rüber, was ich sagen will? Michel Abdollahi führt die Teilnehmer ein in die spannende Welt des Poetry Slam und macht jeden fit für die Bühne. Für Anfänger und Profis.

Die Teilnehmer stellen ihre Texte beim Poetry Slam am 28. Februar 2009 bei veddellive in der Sporthalle Veddel vor.

Workshop Termine:

7. Dezember

11. Januar

8. Februar

22. Februar

Jeweils von 16 ? 18 Uhr Sport- und Kulturhalle Veddel, am Zollhafen 5b.

Um verbindliche Teilnahme an allen fünf Terminen und dem Poetry Slam wird gebeten.

Anmeldung unter: (Jan-Oliver Lange. Infos unter: 040-41 46 99 57 (Christiane Frohne)

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

G Recht  (GRecht)

G Recht wrote on November 16, 2008 23:11:

Hab da noch etwas vergessen:

Anfrage Identität Zündkerzen Dieter

I`ll b back!

PS: Für Interessierte, die sich ein Praktikum in Berlin in einer Künsteleragentur antuen möchten:

G Recht  (GRecht)

G Recht wrote on November 15, 2008 23:40:

Yo, Master Pete,

das Interview werde ich mir gleich genüsslich daheim durchlesen.

Was sagt Dein Terminplan die Tage - sollten uns bei Kaffee und Kuchen.
Habe einen unsagbar INTERESSANTEN und GUT DOTIERTEN, RUHM & EHRE (wenn man gewinnt) versprechenden WETTBEWERB aufgerissen.

Wäre schön, wenn ich Dich / Euch dafür interessieren zu können, oder besser noch: im Team zu haben.

Eilt zwar, aber kein Problem für Kreative Köpfe, ya know?!?

Habe leider die Visite verschludert.

Kreatives Chaos ist auch hier die gern genommene Ausrede.

Chill` at will,


Merrill Kazanjian (kazanjianm)

Merrill Kazanjian wrote on November 05, 2008 02:09:

Thank you yet again for being the only person in the world to appreciate my art/insanity! (my Mother and Wife jumped off the bandwagon a while ago!!!)

Marla Lombard (MarlaLombard)

Marla Lombard wrote on October 26, 2008 21:11:

Peter--thanks very much for adding my paintings to your favorites.

G Recht  (GRecht)

G Recht wrote on October 21, 2008 18:22:


As far as I`m concerned, we got the following weeks some exibitions / Performances in the hood.


Let me know!



G Recht  (GRecht)

G Recht wrote on October 21, 2008 18:01:

I`m still a little confused....

That`s the way it goes for nonadult people like me!!!

And- that`s the reason I commented at first your comments on my `activities` on my picture wall.

`Cause I still am able to speak Kraut - as we know both - take this ZENMASTER (as long as possible for me, you can get any question answered the language your askin`, Pete):

Die GPS Koordinaten stützen Deine These als vertretbares Indiz.

- Aber erwarte bitte nicht von mir, daß ich - während ich meine Passion auslebe (das Fotografieren, aber nicht speziell jenes der Schlumper) - nach dem Bundespersonalausweis schreie, besonders nicht auf eine Distanz von 50 Metern.

- Was sollen die Passanten denn von mir denken??!



Susann Byman (sunnisun)

Susann Byman wrote on October 13, 2008 23:38:

Hi Peter and thank you for adding some of my pictures to your favorites :-)

You should check out and

I think you will like them!! Let me know what you think.

Gerald Lopez (gjlopez)

Gerald Lopez wrote on October 02, 2008 20:04:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for adding some of my works to your favorites and for the great comments. I appreciate it !


jorden blue and david james doody (thedoodys)

jorden blue and david james doody wrote on September 29, 2008 08:53:

sunday morning, french toast and toasted pecans..... but as i was saying the other night..... it was good debate concerning that blog on dadaism today, and especially the relevance the of "ready made" and the notions the loss of heart in art. for us this cusp is a very interesting and fully charged place to be working, but in all honestly to come to writing a fully immersed position on art, art making and the world of veiwership, well that really deserves more than a short hand, point form, electronic dialogue between to super enthusiasts, but in reality..... that is all i have l offer up at this stage of the morning....... but as imply from your earlier rebuttal, the sincerity of humor is soooo often over looked as legitimate, valid place for art making, now im not trying to push the potency of irony, nor surgical precision of sarcasm, i am just referring to humor in general. and generally speaking if a work is not connected with serious connotations is often not taken seriously.... and perhaps it is my own sheltered naivety that allows me at times to bask and revel in the not so serious nature of natural life, the beauty of the moments in between. and perhaps my early introduction and fascination with the likes of monte python,..... has persuaded me to "always look on the bright side of life",ahahha.... but seriously though in my opinion humor is often sadly discredited in art. but in saying so, like anything, art making and the reflections of life are not one sided but rather multi dimensional, so humor is one side of a pervertible coin.

in regards, more specifically, to the concept and use of the "ready made" in contemporary art...... i agree that the duchampian notion of the ready made, at its time, in its original context had a certain potency seldomaly found in currant practices, however i believe this is for a multitude of reasons. one of them being, the "well thats been done". and we all know that sort of president can easily rob "new material" of it's punch line. ( and now agin im going to try not to fall in to a dissusions of the pertance of ducahmp to his time, and ours, due soley to the lack of comitment , time, engery and my intersts in the beatiing of dead horses or over stateing the obvious......) but.... i guess those concerns are lost on those who strugle in sreach of the "origanal". and i say fuck that shit. im mean what a fucknig waste of time that is, i mean ins't the devotion to "originality" and the search for wholey new artistic ideas, idioms, methods and motives, one of the most unoriginal postions one can take on as an artist..... aren't the "concerte assertaions" an of indiviual to "complete and udder origalinliy" both in the same breath woderfully, uniquley, enriching, inpspiring as well as completely costricting, misdirected, naive and just a little redundant?.....

so hang on where was i going here?,.... oh yes.... the use of ready mades now that i am no longer worired if they are a valid original or unquie..... back to work... ready mades are like colors...... just one type of tool,... one type of mark in the plethora of residual excreting expressions, so many of us refer to under the umbrella of "art".....and since im not chained down to anything here agin free to make rogue collision of colors, materials, images, items or what ever else might find its way into the relm of my mind........ and sure like colors people have made full investigations the atoumony, there stand alone qualitues, thier own "origianlities", and here i do not attempt lay out judgemants of good a bad or ugly, however those investigations ralrey intest me to to the point of elation or anything. and i must admit i never really stoked, even when siiting in person in front, ives kline blue, but i guess he was stoked enough to keep on movin with it....... more power to him.... for me it has always been the dialogue, the internal converstaions that exists beteen aspects of a work. the conversations that all at once include and exlucde you, that are explict or rather undefined, the space betweeen what i hear and what itis i think i have heard.

and this is where i can agree with michael pointer and chalres zigmund, that often art ( lets call of sake of fun neo-dadistic) seems, at times, at least from my point of verw, to lack somthing. but im not going to try and say it is a formulatable thing which i can point out, nor am i going to put forth that artists choose to use "ready made" materials because lack of talent ( that is far to narrow of a view) or that there is some power struggle set up between the users of found goods ( which i should point out includes any one buying pre-ground pigmented paints and store bought brushes) and the purist "fine artists" who can create out of pure "original geniuosity'........... i believe that each and every one of us truley sets up context and dialogue for one an other, like some simple base binary equation.

however i do feel, (and this may just be a bit of pessimism locked deep down in my core, extending outwards far beyond just my feelings on on artists & art works, on to the world at large.....) but a lot of poeple lack a sense of "heart" in what they do, a lack of conviction, perahps futility, as if thier actions have no real consequence and make no real difference. and that in its self s saddens me a bit, but i guess not that much

i like to believe there is some kind of resonance that can be felt some kinda of truth to honesty and following that "honesty" some where along some kind of path...... and that is something i really sense from your short introduction and conversation with johcen hein. and although i am very much in a different space then he in so many way, i felt some how could really identify with something there. he suggested a personal search and relation of that search through art and the potential of residual transcendence and experience captivated or at least related to in the making of art.

all the same this is turning out more of a rant then anything else hahah go figure, bad hbbits die hard. im going back to my toasted pecans which seem to have burned......


jorden blue and david james doody (thedoodys)

jorden blue and david james doody wrote on September 25, 2008 05:49:

hey peter, ahhh i am finaly having a efew moments of rest, just long enough to drop you line, i had been meaning to drop you a note for a wile now, actually i had thought to add a comment in regards to the blog on dadaism. both jorden and i were stoked to say the least to be included inn such a pertinent discussion. thank you for that. with out to much focus on pride it feels good to have our work mean something to other, especially to those who are interested in art .... ahh shit ... some late night adventurers have just arrived at my studio door....... of course as i find time ... time finds me i will continue this in short order........


Hans Koster (hanskostercom)

Hans Koster wrote on September 22, 2008 22:37:

Hallo Peter

I created a second YouTube account for Therefore I deleted "A Quiet Life #3' (including the link to Artdoxa) from the Due to this reorganisation your poem is lost as a comment. Feel free to attach it as a comment.
I do like it.


Jürgen  Wockert (cajunwocki)

Jürgen Wockert wrote on September 04, 2008 21:04:

Dear Peter, ich bewundere seit langem Deine philosophischfundiertengagiertbewusstsehenden Kommentare und natürlich Deine Fähigkeit, das auch noch so brilliant in englamerikanish ausdrücken zu können. Riesenkompliment. Und ich registriere, dass Du mich bei ganz vielen Kommentaren sehr zum Nachdenken zwingst. Und meistens wirkt das immer anfruchtbar. Also: Sei weiter so aufmerksam & helle und vielleicht kommt ja auch bei Dir / von Dir mal was rüber: N`Gedicht oder sowas. Oder `n Zettel. Oderwasauchimmer. Bis denn. Jürgen Wockert.

Jurgen Trautwein (jtwine)

Jurgen Trautwein wrote on August 22, 2008 05:06:

thanks, greetings from sf

philipp kabbe (philippkabbe)

philipp kabbe wrote on August 19, 2008 16:25:

hallo peter,

hab mich nur vertippt.
-Es heisst A1 (Farbkreis), weil halt auf din/a1, ne.
Danke für die + Comments.


MACK & LEWEKE Scanner of ART (SlamArt)

MACK & LEWEKE Scanner of ART wrote on August 14, 2008 12:47:

Thanks Peter:)

Ralf Jeutter (scottwalker)

Ralf Jeutter wrote on August 03, 2008 19:58:

Hi Peter, this is a message from Brighton saying hello. A blast from the past. It's Ralf here. Love your write-up re literature and music. Hope you are well.

RP GO (rpgo)

RP GO wrote on July 29, 2008 01:40:

Thanks for the comment and interpretation :-)

Merrill Kazanjian (kazanjianm)

Merrill Kazanjian wrote on July 27, 2008 00:02:

Tanks!.....I mean thanks for the fav on the general (couldnt resist the joke)

Merrill Kazanjian (kazanjianm)

Merrill Kazanjian wrote on July 19, 2008 03:36:

Looking forward to your next blog.

Dan Bethune (danbethune1970)

Dan Bethune wrote on July 18, 2008 21:47:

Hi Peter,
Thanks for looking at my work and commenting on it. I was a little taken back by the comments but upon reflections I found it nice that someone is willing to address the sinister nature of my my work. I am interested in the development of male gender and the influence of culture on that development. I also am most drawn to the narrative as a was of engaging myself in the work so all of the pieces suggest or hinge on a story. The "Djinn" is the piece that best reflects some of what I am after in the pursuit of this conceptual line. My brother sent me a joke while I was in grad school and I used it as the basis of my thesis and after finishing the program I came back to the ideas in the joke/story to create this work, here's the joke

A horse and a chicken were walking down the road when the horse stepped into a mud hole and sank up to his neck. He told the chicken to run find the farmer. The chicken ran all around the farm yard and into the barn but could not find the farmer. So the chicken run into the house, still no farmer. But up on the wall were the keys to the farmers mercedes. So the chicken grab the keys, drove the car back the the horse and pulled him out. A few weeks later the horse and chicken were out in the pasture when the chicken stepped into a mud hole and sank up to its neck. This time the chicken told the horse to go get the farmers mercedes. The horse said no and instead stood over the mud hole and lowered his penis and pulled the chicken out. The moral of the story is "If your hung like a horse you don't need a mercedes to pick up chicks"

most men are not hung like a horse. In fact most men find themselves to be inadequate need some way of "improving " their position so I use the mythical genie to offer a symbol of success and power that is just as transparent and ephemeral as the genie. The "landscape tht the figure exists in is also a contrived false world. I use synthetic grass and silk flowers as a way of demonstrating the need/desire of some men to conquer and control the feminine, developing a distopia world. My choice of resin as a material is based on the idea that I am creating contemporary idols of masculinity and idols are traditionally made of material that culture finds important and speaks to the ethics and aesthetics of the culture. We live in a plastic world of coke bottles and Disney world so what better choice for a material.
The alternate body of work I am investigating is the development of a secondary sign for the masculine. I use the pearl and a symbol for sperm. That material which is wholly male and filled with joy and fear. The piece you commented on Daddies Little Man is a piece that reflects on my resolution to the idea of the "father wound" I am from a divorced and blended family. I have the genetic structure of my father and the nurture influence of my step father. Both are part of my lineage and due acknowledgment. This piece shows the discomfort and skewed nature of my development but still produces an elegant and beautiful individual. I hope this gives you some insight into my work and I want to thank you again for you comments. They really made me think

David Corcoran (dvdcorcoran)

David Corcoran wrote on July 02, 2008 17:45:

Hi. About the camper its a Mercedes cargo van. Sold in the US with the Chrysler name that I got used then designed and built out the inside. By long chain polymers I assume you mean the off gassing plastics, etc. I was concerned about that but after the paint cured it felt like a benign environment to live in. I actually no longer own it but I lived in it for a year in New York.

David Corcoran (dvdcorcoran)

David Corcoran wrote on July 01, 2008 23:16:

Hey, thanks for the comment and favorite! David

Merrill Kazanjian (kazanjianm)

Merrill Kazanjian wrote on July 01, 2008 17:41:

Thank you once again Peter for checking out my work. I just checked your profile. I saw you listed Joseph Cornell as one of your favorite artists. He lived most of his life (Bayside-Queens, NY) within a mile of where I grew up. "Mr. Shadow Box" is not even listed in the towns "little history museum" (if you could call it that)......Anyway, thank you once again!

Sylvia Geist (sylvia_geist)

Sylvia Geist wrote on June 10, 2008 14:14:

lieber peter,

ich danke dir für dein interesse an meinen arbeiten, das freut mich sehr.
umgekehrt berührt mich dein profil - "peace of mind" ist nur ein stichwort.
gern würde ich auch einmal etwas von dir sehen, seien es bildnerische oder auch poetische arbeiten. ich gebe zu, ich bin neugierig, aber sicher nicht die einzige person hier, der es so geht... : )

herzliche grüße,

heiko mehnert (bobcurtiz)

heiko mehnert wrote on June 02, 2008 21:56:

like your vita - its art like it very much - thought there were some artworks - are there some?

Jochen Hein (Jochen_Hein)

Jochen Hein wrote on April 29, 2008 15:16:

My dearest chief master commenter!
Let there be mutation ... J