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Alan Spazzali (samoamax)

Alan Spazzali (samoamax)

I am very peculiar artist (very criticizable for the ones that do not understand or approve my artistic concept and ambiguous presence in the net or in social medias) I do not like contact in a personal level.
As Bansky (just to mention one) or many other artist i have chosen to disguise my self as much as possible in the net adopting sometimes many identities under different names.
My mane artistic name is although Samoamax and this page reflect the central idea of my artistic existence

I am making an Enlightenment Capsule for the audience to meditate inside — virtual reality in which people can experience ideas . . .
I want to connect with contemporary life through the technology we have now.
I paint fragments with varied levels of connection to reality. Within that parameter I am probing relationships between connection and separation, similarity and difference, image and self.
I usually don't plan things in advance; I just let it happen,sometimes waiting, sometimes wandering around until the right moment arrives. It arrives when I feel the energy, accumulated from that precise time and place, in my body. Then I immediately start a work.
Latly i wanted to recreate a virtual parallel live as a personal experiment of people interacion.I use that experience as an artistic project that I have called the "alter Egos".

  • Fabio Keiner (Fabio_Keiner)
  • thomas kälber (richard)
  • Lennart Andresen (halberhahn)
  • Alvaro Sanchez (Alvaro)
  • Robert Alan (robertalan15)
  • David Lee Holcomb (davidholcomb)
  • Maria Gust (mariagust)
  • Ulla Gmeiner (Ulla2510)
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