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Sari  Lievonen (sarilievonen)

Sari Lievonen (sarilievonen)

My art practice is concerned with sensing places and experiencing environments. I am especially interested in the concept of landscape and how that influences our urbanised thinking and everyday lives. The paradox is that we are attached to the one environment and at the same time long for the other. Furthermore, urban life with all its technological developments tends to create illusions of us being able to control ourselves as well as our environment(s). That is of course not the case. Both of the systems are very frangible and that is one of the characteristics that bring them closer together.


2007 MFA Glasgow School of Art
2005 BA (Hons) Glasgow School of Art
1996 PD, Theatre Academy of Finland
1996 MA, University of Oulu

Work Experience

Working full-time as dancer, choreographer and teacher 1988-2001. Director and principal teacher in Saridance Dance School (Oulu) 1987-95. Founder of The Oulu Dance Theatre, Artistic Director 1992-1995 Collaborative works in visual art, theatre and dance since 1988: productions and performances in theatres, art galleries and museums as well as in outdoor places. Many of the projects include working with diverse communities. She has also worked as a producer for many independent productions.

Performance art and live-art works from 1993 on.
Visualizations for dance productions from 1994 on.
Installation and sculpture works from 1999 on.


2008 Creative Laboratory, Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
2005 Florence, Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Scholarship
2003 Lademoen, Trondheim/Norway.
2001 Villa Karo, Grand-Popo/Republic of Benin.
2000 Cite International des Arts/ Paris, France.

Awards & Prizes

2007 Glasgow Sculpture Studios Graduate Award
2006 The Arts and Humanities Research Council/ Post-Graduate Master’s Scheme Award
2005 Royal Scottish Academy Student’s Exhibition, The Mound, Edinburgh. RSA Sculpture Prize.
2003 British Art Medal Society, Student competition: best medal from Scottish collage.
2002 John & Mabel Craig Bequest, Glasgow School of Art.
2001 Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Sleipnir Travel Grant
2001 Art Council of Finland, Travel Grant
2000 Annual Summer Exhibition in Salmela Art Center in Mäntyharju: young artist’s award
1997 Biannual Exhibition of Finnish Contemporary Art in Mänttä. The main prize for performance Personal Urban in collaboration with artist Heikki Mäntymaa.


2000 Annual Summer Exhibition in Salmela Art Center in Mäntyharju:
Mobile for five dancers, a male choir and water.

Work in collections

Royal Scottish Academy
Private collections


2007 Scenes Secondaires, Biel-Bienne, Switzerland.
2007 MFA Degree Show, Artnews Projects/Berlin, Germany.
2007 MFA Degree Show, Tramway, Glasgow.
2007 My Story - 2007 Light of Academy, Beijing
2007 Royal Scottish Academy Student’s Exhibition, The Mound, Edinburgh.
2006 MFA Interim Show, Mackintsoh Gallery, Glasgow
2006 Kunstvlaai, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
2006 Royal Scottish Academy Student’s Exhibition, The Mound, Edinburgh.
2005 Glasgow School of Art Degree Show
2005 Royal Scottish Academy Student’s Exhibition, The Mound, Edinburgh.
2001 Art goes Kapakka.Helsinki Festival Weeks
2001 Berenice’s Hair: In Search of Northern woman Artist’s Identity. RMIT Gallery, Melbourne/Australia
2001 New Potatoes, Barents Region Young Artist’s Exhibition. Rovaniemi Art Museum.
2000 Ocean Of Cultures, Helsinki Kunsthalle.
2000 Three Finnish artists: Anna-Kaisa Ant-Wuorinen, Jukka Kinanen and Sari Lievonen. Borey Art Gallery, St.Petersburg/Russia.
1999 Berenice’s Hair: In Search of Northern Woman Artist’s Identity. Rovaniemi Art Museum and Espoo City Art Museum.
1997 Biannual Exhibition of Finnish Contemporary Art, Mänttä.
1997 Bra Vara! Finnish Contemporary Art. Gallery m3, Oslo/Norway

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  • Luis Leal (luisleal)
  • piet biniek (pietbe)
  • Irakli Bugiani (irakli)
  • Eric LoPresti (elopresti)
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Ulea  Wesemeyer | EN10027 (uleawesemeyer)

Ulea Wesemeyer | EN10027 wrote on July 29, 2011 23:58:

Hi Sari,

I am happy to find out about you here on ARTDOXA. Very special to me, what you do.
Looking forward to see more. Whenever you might come to the area of north germany,
please give me info.

All the best, Ulea