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top Grail 7

This artwork was part of "The Grail Quest" exhibition at Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery.

top Eucalyptus Dreaming
top leftmost - 2010 - andre schmucki

leftmost - 2010 - andre schmucki - oil on canvas - 120cm x 110 cm x 3cm

top hasting - 2011 - andre schmucki

hasting - andre schmucki, oil on canvas, 110cm x 115cm

top IMG_4283 Men Without Hats

Come to where the action is - get a real dangerseekers suit!

Men Without Heads textile corp. inc. designed this stylish suit for heavy duty use in areas just a few do dare to travel. -
Be a real dare devil: Buy it, try it, enjoy!

Shot made as part of a series on a photo safari with chief blogger P.B. at MS DOCKVILLE ART CAMP 2011.

The MS DOCKVILLE ART CAMP is an alternative art project of the annually MS DOCKVILLE MUSIC FESTIVAL, celebrated in the industrial harbour wastelands of Hamburg`s uprising city district Wilhelmsburg.

For more information on the Festival use the following link: