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studio plusminusnull (studioplusminusnull)


What defines us as a group, is the array of cultural projects, venues and works we represent. We are six people of different ages and experiences who live and work in different cultural capitols, spread all over northern Germany.

“Localize it” in Potsdam, is a festival where art and culture makes use of vacant buildings and brings forgotten places back into the public eye. (

“Raum2 / Neu Tramm“ is a cultural center in the heart of Germany´s controversial main site of nuclear energy activity area. Since their introduction ten years ago, they have been celebrating an annual d.i.y. art and culture festival (

The “elbdeich e.V.“ club is a space for social and cultural coexistence in Hamburg. Its cultural purpose is to keep artistic vibrancy alive – all through a diversity of activities. This space is threatened by serious urban development changes, particularly the planned Hamburg harbor expansion, diverse highway construction plans and the operation of a new coal power plant (

In the past few years, we have also co-operated with an array of art projects in lieu of cultural exchange ( The “Gängeviertel“ is a civic initiative launched by people from all walks of life, who saved a run-down historic quarter in the centre of Hamburg from demolition. We have also collaborated with “Tacheles“ in Berlin (, the alternative homestead of Berlins art and cultural scene. We are deeply interested in this particular subcultural and non-commercial contexts. We strive to explore and expand limits and artistic playgrounds in all genres. Detroit would be our first overseas trip.

  • Gianfranco Ferlazzo (Pittore)
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