Till F.E.  Haupt  (tillfeh)

Till F.E. Haupt (tillfeh)

Till F. E. Haupt, born in 1970, lives and works in Hamburg. He studied graphic design, illustration and art in Darmstadt and Hamburg. From that time on he was occupied with the concept of usable artworks called "Handlungskunst" from the 1960's and 70's. Based on those ideas he developed his personal idea of Real Life Art, which he named subsoziale performances. All of which are a variety of conceptual – sometimes interactive – projects dealing with topics such as alternative lifestyles, survival, the art of living and the creative solvation of everyday problems: i.e. persons marketing, Rolemodelcontracts for relationships, heartache-insurance and real life projects. He had solo exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, Mannheim, Kiel (2002-2006) und groupexhibtions in Hamburg, Leipzig, Bremen, Bolzano und Brnó (2001-2007). One major topic is the photographic diary „Days In A Life“ for which he takes to pictures a day since 1995 (to be continued). One picture is a selfportrait and the other a 24-hour exposure... www.tillhaupt.de


1970 born in Brunswik (Braunschweig), Lower Saxony, Germany

1986-1987 Diploma at Walhalla High School Walhalla / S.C. and Albany High-School, Albany/ Ga

1983-1989 CJD-Christophorusschule, “Dr.Wilhelm Meyer Gymnasium” in Brunsvik.

1991-1992 Hanseatic Academy of Marketing and Communications, Hamburg

1993-2000 University of Applied Science, Hamburg

1994-2006 S.K.A.M. e.V. studios

2001 teacher at the academy of visual arts (Bildkunst Akademie) Hamburg

2004+2005 guestteacher at Agder Folkehøgskole in Søgne, Norway



2002 ”persons-marketing” at “Helle Zelle" (Umtrieb -gallery), Kiel

2003 “heartache-insurance” at “plattform 45”, Hamburg

2004 “Ein Tag, ein Raum, ein Bild”, Fath/ Contemporary, Mannheim

2005 "Hauptversammlung", [k] hoch 3, Kampnagel, Hamburg

2006 "subsoziale performance", Superhorst, Berlin

2007 "Agentur zur Abwendung der Kausalität des Schicksals, im Villa Merkel | Bahnwärterhaus, Esslingen a.N.


1999 ”GBM - Fair for individual fond raising”, Pfefferbergsgelände, Berlin

2001 “Anstiftung zu einer neuen Wahrnehmung“, Neues Kunstmuseum Weserburg, Bremen

2002 “Spazi Familiari”, AR/GE Kunst - Galleria Museo, Bolzano

2002 “artgenda 2002“ 4. Baltic biannual of art, Hamburg

2003 “Dasein“ Reinking Collection at Ernst-Barlach Foundation in Wedel and Ratzeburg

2005 “Passion des Sammelns” Federkiel Foundation, Leipzig

2006 „sculpture@City Nord“, Hamburg

2007 „Aktivní Konstelace“ House of Art, Brno


"Bahnwärterstipendium" artist in residency programm/ prize of the city of Esslingen a. Neckar. Villa Merkel | Bahnwärterhaus – 2007


„Anstiftung zu einer neuen Wahrnehmung“ - Neues Kunstmuseum Weserburg – 2001 (german & english) ISBN 3-928761-55-2

„Spazi Familiari / Vertraute Räume” Art & Culture and the City of Bolzano – 2002 (italian & german)

„Dasein“ Sammlung Reinking - Ernst-Barlach Stiftung – 2003 (german) ISBN 3-930100-17-7

„Till F.E. Haupt“ - Kampnagel und Sammlung Reinking – 2005 (german)

„sculpture@City Nord“ Skulpturenpark in der City-Nord, Hamburg – 2006 (german & english) ISBN 3-937014-53-1

"Agentur zur Abwendung der Kausalität des Schicksals, Villa Merkel | Bahnwärterhaus, Esslingen a.N. – 2007 (german) ISBN 3-931238-32-2

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