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bruno wubik (wubik)


BRUNO WUBIK is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, residing in the Loire area of the Rhône-Alpes in France. Bruno lets his art speak for itself. His collages are much less like photo montages, and more like torn paper collages, without the tears. He is inspired by pop culture and the art movements of the 20th century. His use of comic book characters in many of his collages come as a surprise; and, yet, they bring a perfect contrast, in texture, medium, and mood to the more studious cityscapes that dominate his work.

In le coeur de la ville 2 (the heart of the city 2), Brunos city could be Paris or New York, Singapore or Tokyo, or any big city on earth, boasting of it multi-billion dollar postcard-perfect skyline. Neon signs abound, including the iconic Coca-Cola. A beautiful woman so French, with perfectly big makeup and lashes and a twinkling smile in her eyes is behind it all, shining through. Indeed, Bruno seems to be saying that the heart of the city is its warm people. What are beautiful buildings, without people to work and play in them, and to appreciate their fantastic architecture and function. The really intriguing part of le coeur de la ville 2, though, is the set of evenly spaced horizontal lines across the whole. Its as if the artwork is a sign, itself one of those fancy ones, where, like window blinds, it flips to another side and another picture. Or, it could be that the lines represent blinds on our window, looking out on the city, or even a video capture of a TV or computer monitor image, where such lines are obvious. Any of those concepts are fascinating. Bruno Wubik likes to make one think and never reveals the plot, as you are a player and could easily change the outcome of the view.

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